Gradually taking its form, METU Alumni Day is a powerful event celebrated since 1991 with the participation of the alumni from all classes. Memorial medals containing the names of the alumni are presented to the alumni to mark the 10 th, 20 th, 30 th, 40th, 45 th , 50 th and 55 th graduation anniversary on the Alumni Day.

Alumni Day celebrated in late June or early July for a long time will be celebrated on Saturday, June 29, 2019 this year. The end of June is also a good time for our alumni around the world; many people from abroad come and participate in this special event. Recently, the number of the METU alumni who come from other countries is on the increase.

On Alumni Day, the alumni come together and collective activities are performed in the morning. In the afternoon, they come together at departments and “Golden Years” have a special ceremony held at the Culture and Convention Center (CCC). Departments are planning their own activities. In addition to providing an environment where the alumni come together and see one another, the ceremony where the memorial medals are presented to the alumni to mark the 10 th, 20 th, 30 th, 40th and 45 th graduation anniversary is included in their program. Apart from these, departments can also organize their own events.

For the alumni who will celebrate their 50 th and 55 th  year graduation anniversary, the ceremony is held in CCC in the afternoon. The alumni of these years receive their medals from the METU President.

The alumni who would like to attend the Alumni Day help us make the necessary preparations more effectively by letting us know about their participation online.

You can find out everything about the Alumni Day by visiting the page of the related year from the menu on the left.

The alumni can receive their 10 th, 20 th, 30 th, 40th, 45 th , 50 th and 55 th  year memorial medals: You can order your memorial medal at and get them shipped to your address if you cannot join the Alumni Day.

On the Alumni Day in 2019, there will be a medal ceremony for around 11,000 undergraduate, more than 2,600 Master’s and 300 Ph.D. alumni.

The alumni who come together once a year on the Alumni Day keep in touch through our recent alumni network, ODTÜM at any time and anywhere! They use this network for more effective participation in the Alumni Day.